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Thanks Detroit!


Dedleg and I just arrived home from Detroit, we had a great convention but Kelsey Grammar did not save the day.

Thank you to everyone who got tattooed, and picked up some swag from me, its always a good feeling to know that you are interested in my wierd self.

This is also the year that i decided to scale back on the travels, so Im glad that it started off with a bang.  My next stop is back to Pittsburgh April Read More

New Years Revolution


It's a new calander year as we all know... and its time to break the resolutions as soon as possible.  Before you read any further, know that this is not negativity, this is me pulling positivity out of anxiety, and anger.  Without those two things, I probably would have never made it this far in life.

So lets get back to the breaking resolutions, or forgetting them, or hell, not even making them.  "New Year, new me..." is such a bullshit Read More

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